Through these insightful interviews, learn more about our extraordinary dancers and musicians. Dedicated to the creation of new works, Chamber Dance Project bring together soloist-level dancers from premier ballet companies during their winter and summer hiatus to collaborate seamlessly with our resident string quartet and guest choreographers. 
At the heart of our artistic endeavor is the vision of award-winning choreographer Diane Coburn Bruning, who founded Chamber Dance Project on the principles of innovation and collaboration. Our intimate performance venues amplify the impact of each moment, where contemporary relevance and resonance converge in a powerful celebration of contemporary dance and live music.

Michael Cherry, Sr. Apprentice

Ian Debono, Dancer

Patric Palkens, Dancer and Ballet Master

Christian Denice, Choreographer

Sally McLain, Principal Musician and Violinist

Karin Kelleher, Violinist

Jerome Gordon, Violist