Being a Patron and Supporter of Chamber Dance Project

By: Maureen Berk 

I happened upon Chamber Dance Project during its first year in DC when I saw them rehearsing with a few Washington Ballet dancers whom I knew.  I was invited to a rehearsal and was blown away not only by the concept, but by Diane’s gorgeous and unique choreography.

The Artist Series event this season has provided an opportunity to get to know the artists and hear about their backgrounds, journeys and the process through which they interact with one another.  I have always felt that the more you learn about a piece, the more inspired and appreciative you will be when you see the finished product.

Chamber Dance Project’s approach to contemporary ballet with musicians on stage alongside the dancers is unique and exciting.  The artists’ collaboration with one another is visible and dynamic and in a generally more intimate setting, results in a distinct and moving performance experience.

I have thoroughly enjoyed supporting Chamber Dance Project, sponsoring one of its dancers and participating in the many opportunities to watch rehearsals and meet other patrons who share my love of ballet and music.  And the Artist Series event in October with brilliant cellist Sean Neidlinger, I was given my first cello lesson, learning the first bars of “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star!”