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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS for Chamber Dance Project, dancers & musicians

Chamber Dance Project Team

Maja E. White, Technical Director and Lighting Designer


Diane Coburn Bruning, Artistic Director

Fax: 202.558.5101
Email c/o

Ashlee McKinnon, Administrative Assistant to AD

202.499.2297 Fax: 202. 558.5101

Mailing address:

700 12th Street NW suite 700
Washington, DC 20005



Basic Company information (Typical)

  • The apron at stage level (if there is one)
  • Company typically presents in a proscenium space – other spaces possible with marley floor.
  • Live string quartet is downstage right on apron out of the site lines of the proscenium arch.
  • 4 black music stands
  • 4 black chairs
  • Company travels with their own stand lights (battery operated)
  • Typically performs on a Black Marley
  • 4 wings
  • All music is live
  • The house light plot hung as described in this document
  • Ballet barres and sound system for class in rehearsal studio or onstage

Restoration of the theater to its default configuration should be anticipated in the production schedule, by the venue.


Proscenium minimum:

  • Width: 34’
  • Height: 17’
  • Depth: 25’ (to cyclorama or scrim)


  • Due to the choreography, company needs a crossover, clear and unobstructed.

Stage Floor:

  • Flat; not raked
  • Black Marley
  • Sprung; suitable for dance without additional sprung floor.


Visiting Production Office
A lockable room with work tables and chairs, telephone, with a single direct line, Internet access, wired and wireless.

Green Room
With refrigerator, ice packs and first aid.

Dressing Rooms
Equipped with sinks, make-up mirrors, rods for hanging wardrobe, appropriate toilet and shower facilities. Ability to lock. Two ensemble rooms for 4 men, 5 women, one for Artistic Director, one for LD/TD and SM.

Wardrobe Room
Equipped with wardrobe work table, hanging space, steamer, iron, ironing board, washing machine, dryer, sinks, and lockers.

Rehearsal Room
One large room, ballet barres and basic sound system or boom box.

Stage Manager’s Console
A stage manger’s console with video monitor, IR video monitor, paging mic, and ClearCom base station.


Chamber Dance typically performs live and only occasionally will request a microphone for talkbacks/ announcements. Sounds system otherwise only needed in emergency with musician(s) unable to play.

Stage Communications Systems

  • Intercom – Clear Com System provides coverage to all production areas production table area in center of auditorium.
  • Backstage / Lobby Audio Monitor – All dressing rooms and most backstage spaces as well as the lobby are provided with an audio monitor system fed from a microphone in the auditorium.
  • Page System – Stage Manager paging system is available over the same speakers as dressing room and backstage audio monitors. Page mic is located at the Stage Manager’s console. Overrides program.


Lighting console

  • ETC Ion or similar (computerized lighting console)

Light Plot

  • Colors change slightly depending on season.
  • Minimal lighting if not supplied by the designer needs to include:
    • Two color frontlight (warm and cool)
    • Two color back light (warm and cool)
    • Pipe ends (warm and cool)
    • Three color CYC must be able to have Dark blue and Medium Light Blue even wash to the floor.
    • Company does not use a ground row.
    • 4 booms SL
    • 4 Booms SR
      • all booms have two color Highs (warm and cool)
      • face or mid
      • High shin
      • Low shin
  • Changes to the basic hang will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Changes to focus, color, templates, programming the board, will be provided by company in advance.


House Curtain
House Soft Goods
Legs to create 4 wings plus mask edge of scrim and or cyc
Borders appropriate to each wing plus mask cyc electric.
Full stage black upstage if possible.