Thank You to the 2016-17 Artists Sponsors

These generous individuals will be funding our talented artists for our 2016 performance season.

Claudia Chudacoff, Principal Musician
Charlotte Cameron | Jerome Andersen
Demi Soloist Artist Sponsors

Luz San Miguel, Dancer
Deborah White & John Motley | Shirley Neff | Margie Creighton
Demi Soloist Sponsors
June Hajjar | Patricia Price | Susan and Harvey Weiss
Corps de Ballet Sponsors

Ashley Murphy, Dancer
Deborah & Bruce Downey
Solo Artist Sponsors

Sean Neidlinger, Cellist
Reina & Brad Brekke
Solo Artist Sponsors

Andile Ndlovu, Dancer
Kay Kendall & Jack Davies | Carmen Liebeler
Corps de Ballet Sponsors

Gian Carlo Perez, Dancer
Lola Reinsch (For Dorchester Towers & Apartments)
Solo Sponsor

Chaerim Smith, Violinist
Robin & Tom Clarke | Anonymous Donor
Pas de Deux Sponsors

Derek Smith, Violist
Liubov & David Keeton | Anne Marie & Kenneth Abod
Demi Soloist Artist Sponsors

Luis R. Torres, Ballet Master
Virginia McGehee Friend
Pas de Deux Sponsor
Terry Hazel | Laura & Randy Moorhead
Corps de Ballet Sponsor

If you would like information on sponsoring an artist for the season: Get Closer to the Art or contact us at 202.499.2297
Header: Luz San Miguel and Davit Hovhannisyan in "Wild Swans" photo by Eduardo Patino.NYC