Personal Styling Session with Virginia Chelliah and Styles Assistant

March 25, 2020


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Virginia Chelliah is a former Nordstrom stylist who works with both men and women on achieving an updated and appropriate look for their lifestyles and goals. The gift certificate includes the following services: Initial consultation/wardrobe audit, recommendations for work attire (up to 6 outfits), recommendations for non-work attire (up to 6 outfits), recommendations for special occasion attire (up to 3 outfits), and recommendations for shoes/bags/accessories (up to 8 items). For those who do not work, there will be up to 12 recommendations for non-work attire.


Virginia Chelliah and Styles Assistant


The initial consultation will be a phone interview to discuss the client’s wardrobe concerns and current lifestyle/goals as it relates to his/her clothing choices (up to 1 hour). An appointment is then made for a wardrobe audit via video chat (up to 1 hour–however, per the client’s request, this may also be done with a detailed pre-recorded video or photos of his/her closet sent via e-mail, Facebook Messenger, or Apple iMessages text). Recommendations with explanations are sent to the client via e-mail and a follow-up phone call is scheduled to discuss the recommendations (up to 1 hour). The client may either purchase the recommendations by him/herself or authorize me to purchase the items on his/her behalf via a credit card authorization. The client is responsible for completing any returns or exchanges. A follow-up phone call or internet chat (via Facebook Messenger or Apple iMessages) is then scheduled to conclude the service (up to 30 minutes). This certificate has no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash and/or credit. Certificate will be mailed within two days of winning bid.